Tenute Collesi

A tradition of quality

Initially established as a small artisan production activity, Collesi has by now achieved a position of primary importance in the sector of high-quality craft beers and distilled spirits, both in Italy and abroad. Reliable experience, skills developed over time and great attention to the quality of ingredients, together with the utmost respect for precious and time-honoured brewing and distilling methods, make Collesi a major point of reference for connoisseurs of beers and spirits of outstanding excellence.


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  • After showing you a bunch of photos of the Collesi Brewery a few days ago, I thought I'd dig up a few more pieces of information about their beers and brewery. While my Italian is rusty, and assuming you're also in that same "no-speaky" boat, I think if you pay attention to these two videos you'll get a sense as to what they are talking about. From what I gather, the first video is one where Luca Sardella interviews Giuseppe Collesi and Roberto Bini about the different beers... read more>>
    Beer Drinker Rob - dailybeerreview.com, Beer Magazine
  • When one thinks of Italian beer, usually Peroni and Moretti come to mind. Italy is experiencing a craft brew revolution now. One of these brewers, Collesi has actually been in business since 1870. Located in the southwestern hills of Marche in the village of Apecchio, which bills itself as the “City of Beer.” Collesi is at the forefront of craft brewing in Italy. They make a line of Belgian style ales with barley grown on their estate. I recently enjoyed two of their beers. Collesi, Imper Ale, Bionda pours a bright golden color with a..read more>>
    Richard DiGiacomo - www.examiner.com, Beer Magazine
  • Bassa carbonatazione per la Imper Ale Major Nera di Collesi Bini , ed un bel profumo con malto tostato , caffè d’orzo e note dolci a metà tra caramello e liquirizia. Dolce nel finale del profumo , morbida nella parte iniziale del suo sapore , semplice non complesso ma sfaccettato , dopo un attacco quasi fruttato emerge una nota amarognola sul finale. Questa caratteristica assieme ad un corpo che passa da denso ad acquoso mentre la si beve , fà si che i suoi 8 gradi non si sentano e che risulti quasi dissetante.. read more>>   
    Samuele Vergari - www.foodwinebeer.it, Beer Magazine