Collesi Italian craft beers and distillates of excellence.From the heart of Marche to the world.

High-quality Collesi craft beers and distillates find their ideal microclimate in an exceptional corner of nature and history—in the silent shadows of the forest, in the flowing of the rivers, along the ancient Roman road known as via Flaminia, and in a small medieval village. It’s here in Apecchio, on the border between Marche and Umbria, where the excellent zero-kilometer Collesi products are born and from here, they travel the world meeting the palates of an international public of enthusiasts and obtaining prestigious prizes and awards.
An adventure of quality, tradition and of the experience born from the passion of its founder Giuseppe Collesi.

The organoleptic balance of the Collesi Craft Beers springs from its ingredients, which originate from the land: limestone water of Monte Nerone and malt that’s grown in the Collesi family estates, which is one of the best in Europe for the production of beer and barley. This together with the art of a master Belgian brewer, who came here to tell the secrets of Trappist beer and a production that’s completely natural and artisanal. It’s the alchemy of precious raw materials and traditional processes that has made Collesi the most prized Italian craft beer today.

The smooth and fragrant character of the grappa, the gin and the vodka is the product of the climate and of the processing, which also takes master artisanal techniques into account. Collesi is one of the few Italian distilleries to be at 700 meters in altitude: its low humidity and wide range of temperature help maintain the carefully selected raw materials. The discontinuous bain-marie steam method uses the necessary slowness to extract all of the aromatic richness.

In the cultivation and in the production processing of beers and spirits, everything happens according to the rhythms of nature and according to the most advanced sustainability criteria. The Collesi facility operates with “zero emissions” thanks to its 32Kw solar power system, its pellet-powered steam generator and the choice to not use fossil fuels and GPL. An eco-compatible system designed to protect the environment and the safety and wellbeing of people.

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