Amarillo, Saaz and Barrel Reserve are the three new gins that are going to surprise fans and connoisseurs.

Like all the Collesi spirits, even these three new gins come from top-quality ingredients that the company receives as a gift from an extraordinary territory: the pure spring water, the best orbs and especially the berries of a precious juniper, typical of ‘Apennine and appreciated all over the world. And yet this kind of juniper makes Collesi Gins unique, while combining with other refined aromatic components: that’s what testify a deep tradition in the art of distillation.

Amarillo is a gin that combines juniper berries with amarillo hop – with a characteristic intense, citrus and floral aroma – and with grapefruit zest and orange zest. Its aromatic notes unite the sensuality of tropical fruits with the freshness of the citrus accents released by the Amarillo hop, completed with orange and grapefruit zest. Its flavor begins with a pleasant smoothness to then reveal, with exceptional balance, the radiant transparency of grapefruit.

With the juniper of the Apennines, Saaz combines the characteristic sault hop – a noble variety famous for its delicate spice and herbal aroma – with rosemary and mint.  Clear and bright, it captivates with its dynamic and full flavor. Its well-modulated spice notes wrap around the palate with a fluid and lively rhythm. Its balance is precise and full of strong herbal hints, thanks to its aromatic herbs. Mint and rosemary are also present on the nose, mixed with traces of hop blossoms and juniper. It ends with fresh mint balsamic notes on the nose.

Made with juniper, sour cherries, walnut husk, hops, wild rose, orange peel and lemon peel, Barrel Reserve is a gin aged in barrels for a year. On the nose it unveils a delicate fruity bouquet, with the striking freshness of lemon and orange, the delicate sweetness of sour cherry and the dry touch of juniper, mixed with the persuasive and velvety notes of vanilla given by the barrel wood. Soon after, it ends with an aroma full of citrus, wood and caramel accents. The flavor, with its great freshness and aromatic finesse, is equally elegant and enveloping.

The attention to detail is not only in the quality of a product of excellence, but also in the elegant and contemporary design of the bottle, that makes all Collesi distillates unique and recognizable: high and slender, the bottle is embellished with a bas-relief decoration on the glass.

Distributed by D&C, Eurofood Group, Collesi Gins as well as Vodka and Grappas are available in the best specialized shops, clubs and restaurants.